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Fire Safety & Emergency Response Train the Trainer [ 3 DHS approved CEU’s ] (Class time with breaks 4 hours)

The program, based on best practices for providing fire safety training for adult learners uses various instructional techniques along with tips for presenting the included fire safety program to staff members. Lessons learned and common problems associated with teaching adults will also be discussed. The program will provide the participant with the knowledge needed to conduct fire safety training in accordance with the appropriate regulations and meet the requirements that annual fire safety training be completed by a fire safety expert or by a staff person trained by a fire safety expert. A segment on how to conduct fire drills and the latest fire drill reporting requirements is included in the program.

Each participant receives a presentation ready program that can be used to meet the requirements of the regulations, an instructors guide, a certificate of completion and unlimited reach back to the instructor if additional help with the program is needed.

Administrators may use this program for 3 hours of their CEU requirement. Documentation of DPW approval will be provided.

Training Conducted by Robert C. Muller - Fire and Life Safety Solutions, LLC.

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