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Fire Safety & Emergency Response Training for Staff Members

All training is based on your regulatory requirements.

60 to 90 minute training sessions  customized to your community. 

​All Training is conducted by Certified Trainers

Our 90 Minute program includes 1.5 DHS CEU's

Personal Care Home Syllabus  (Example)

​2600.29a Statement of Policy (SOP) Hospice
2600.82 . Poisons
2600.90 . Communication systems
2600.105. Laundry (Lint Removal)
2600.107. Emergency preparedness
2600.121. Unobstructed egress
2600.122. Exits.
2600.123. Emergency evacuation
2600.125. Flammable and combustible materials.
2600.127. Space heaters.
2600.129. Fireplaces.
2600.130. Smoke detectors and fire alarms.
2600.131. Fire extinguishers.
2600.132. Fire drills.
2600.144 Smoking Policy

Assisted Living, Personal Care, Skilled Nursing, Adult Day Care, Child Day Care